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The Bioinformatics Centre was established as Sub-DIC in the year 1991-92 which was later upgraded to DIC. The Centre has taken an initiative in manpower development in Bioinformatics and started an Advanced Post Graduate Diploma Course in Bioinformatics with the support from the Department of Biotechnology, New Delhi in the year 2001.

The centre has so far conducted twenty seminars, workshop and training programs in the last fourteen years. The Centre has been offering a four credit course in Bioinformatics to the students of our University since 1994.

The Centre has undertaken several collaborative projects in various areas like comparative genomics, zinc finger protein engineering, molecular modeling, drug target identification, development of teaching aids in Bioinformatics, etc.

The Centre has been providing computational facilities, bibliographic searches, bioinformatics-related services to its users. More than 150 regular users from various departments of Pondicherry University, affiliated institutions and nearby Universities have been using these facilities.

The Centre has been catering to the needs of scientists in life sciences, biotechnology, environmental sciences and related areas in
Pondicherry University and neighboring institutes like Jawaharlal Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education & Research (JIPMER), Vector Control Research Centre (VCRC), French Institute, Centre for Post Graduate Studies, Degree Colleges and some industries in and around Pondicherry and also from other neighboring Universities. The centre also receives several enquiries from various parts of the country.

The Centre has 4 positions of Studentship/Traineeship of one-year duration sponsored by DBT, Government of India, to train Postgraduate degrees in various aspects of bioinformatics. more.....