Crystal Structure of SB27 TCR in complex with HLA-B*3508-13mer peptide

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T-Cell Epitope
Complex PDB ID 2AK4
Accession Number 3DIEP0319
IEDB ID 38458
Epitope Sequence LPEPLPQGQLTAY
Starting Position1
Ending Position13
Epitope Type Linear Epitope

Assay Information  
Assay Antigen "LPEPLPQGQLTAY Trans-activator protein BZLF1 (52-64) Human herpesvirus 4 (strain B95-8)"
Keyword T cell receptor; bulged epitopes; pMHC/TCR complex; IMMUNE SYSTEM
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Antibody Chain 1 PDB Chain D
Antigen PDB ChainC
CommentsThere are four molecules in the crystallographic asymmetric unit. PDB chains for each complex are: Complex I: MHC ?-chain: A; ?2-m chain: B; epitope chain: C; TCR ?-chain: D; TCR ?-chain: E. Complex II: MHC ?-chain: F; ?2-m chain: G; epitope chain: H; TCR ?-chain: I; TCR ?-chain: J. Complex III: MHC ?-chain: K; ?2-m chain: L; epitope chain: M; TCR ?-chain: N; TCR ?-chain: P. Complex IV: MHC ?-chain: Q; ?2-m chain: R; epitope chain: S; TCR ?-chain: T; TCR ?-chain: U. All TCR-MHC/epitope complexes had well ordered electron density; and the electron density at the TCR-MHC/epitope interface was unambiguous. The individual TCR and MHC/epitope components were almost identical in all complexes. But; there was a TCR-MHC/epitope dimer present in the crystal lattice; made by complexes A (complex I) and B (complex IV). These complexes have distinct conformations; with the TCR adopting two different docking strategies on the MHC/epitope complex that differed by 12 degrees. This rotation axis was parallel to the peptide binding groove; causing atomic shifts in excess of 7 Ã…; resulting in leaning of the TCR more toward the MHC ?2-helix. This assay refers to Complex A (complex I).

Experimental Details
Space Group
P 1 21 1
Unit Cell
Length(Å) Angle(°)
a = 79.154 α = 90
b = 213.282 β = 89.94
c = 122.303 γ = 90

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Source Information  
Structure Determination Method X-RAY DIFFRACTION