Crystal structure of a H5-specific CTL epitope variant derived from H5N1 influenza virus in complex with HLA-A*0201

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Complex PDB ID 3MGT
Accession Number 3DIEP0570
IEDB ID 32268
Epitope Sequence KLYQNPTTYI
Starting Position1
Ending Position9
Epitope Type Linear Epitope

Assay Information  
Assay Antigen Purified MHC - X-ray crystallography Structure (crystal; NMR; etc.)
PDB CategoryImmune System
Keyword beta strands-alpha helix; Ig-like domain; Immune System
Antibody Residues Interacting with Antigen Open in new window      Download dimplot pdb file
Antibody Chain 1 PDB Chain A
Antigen PDB ChainC
CommentsThe crystallographic asymmetrical unit contains four complex molecules with the peptides adopting the same conformation and there were no direct lattice contacts involving the peptides. The electron densities of RI-10 [PDB: 3MGO] and KI-10 [PDB: 3MGT] peptides unambiguously identify their anchor residues Leu2 and Ile10; which point downwards and tether the peptides in the antigen-binding groove

Experimental Details
Space Group
P 1
Unit Cell
Length(Å) Angle(°)
a = 63.172 α = 90.02
b = 79.304 β = 89.99
c = 86.739 γ = 89.96

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Source Information  
Structure Determination Method X-RAY DIFFRACTION